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Notice on the application of high-level athletes from the Department of physical education and research of Peking University to recommend candidates for master's degree without examination

1Before 15:00 on September 9, 2021 (Thursday), submit the approval form for guarantee and research to Mr. Xing Yan'an of the physical education teaching and research department. It will not be accepted when it is out of date.

2It shall be completed in strict accordance with the requirements in the approval form for insurance and research, and the content shall be true, and the violator shall bear the consequences.

3The sports teaching and research department will conduct an interview in the May 4th Sports Center in the near future (the specific time will be notified separately) (the examination and approval form of insurance and research will be reviewed before the interview, and those who pass will be ready to participate in the interview). The interview sequence is randomly sorted, and the readme and interview are carried out in order. The time for each athlete is 5-7 minutes. At the same time, the time for the coach to introduce the athletes of the team is 3-5 minutes.

4Application procedures for high-level athletes to apply for and recommend exemption from examination for master's degree:

Fill in the application form for individual application - opinions of coaches - approval and seal of academic affairs and leaders of colleges and departments - preliminary review of sports training and event management center of sports teaching and Research Department - Discussion and determination of the list by the guarantee and research review group of sports teaching and Research Department - organization of interview - Determination of the guarantee and research name list - signing the guarantee and research responsibility letter - reporting to the Graduate School - publicity of the guarantee and research list.

5Conditions for high-level athletes to apply for and recommend examination free postgraduate study.

5.1 Ideological and political

5.1.1 Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have the correct political direction, love the motherland, be willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, abide by laws, regulations and school rules and regulations, and have good conduct.

5.1.2 Have a collective sense of honor and be able to continue to make contributions to Peking University relying on Sports expertise.

5.2 Basic conditions

5.2.1 Beijing University Games won more than two individual Championships (including two);

5.2.2 Won the individual champion in the National Student Games twice (the main player of collective events); The team members who have won the top three in the National College Students' highest level competition for more than two times (including two times);

5.2.3 After entering school, the sports performance reaches more than national masters;

5.2.4 The World University Games won the top 8 (main players of collective events) and the National University Championship won the top 3;

5.2.5 Participants of the Olympic Games and World Championships, the top 8 players of the Asian Games and Asian Championships, the top 3 players of the finals of the national championship and National Grand Prix, and the top 6 players of the National Games (main players of collective events).

Selection principle:

1. The results of participating in the competition on behalf of the state and Peking University are preferred; Those who meet the above conditions are preferred; Excellent sports performance under the same conditions is preferred.

2. All competitions are subject to the competition of the highest group of each event.

3. Key team members are preferred, followed by class II teams.

4. Competitive performance is equal, and excellent academic performance is preferred.

5. High level athletes are only allowed to apply for one guarantee and research opportunity during school.

Note: punished by China Anti Doping center; Violation of the measures for the administration of high-level sports teams of Peking University; Improper competition attitude, false competition, destruction of the internal unity of the team, lack of collective sense of honor, disobeying the arrangements of Peking University and the Department of physical education and research, etc. shall be rejected by one vote.

5.3 Academic achievement

The applicant's studies shall comply with the relevant regulations of the school.

The application form is attached. 



Department of physical education, Peking University

                 September 5, 2021


发布时间:2021年10月20日 15:28