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Instructions of the physical education teaching and Research Department of Peking University on accepting postgraduates recommended for exemption from examination in 2022

1. Basic conditions of the applicant 

1.1 Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, be willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, have good moral character and abide by discipline and law;

1.2 Obtain the examination exemption qualification recommended by the school;

1.3 Excellent academic performance and good foreign language level;

1.4 Have strong independent thinking ability, innovation ability and professional ability;

1.5 Abide by academic ethics and have no record of punishment for violation of laws and disciplines.

2. Application method

Enrollment major: Master of Physical Education (professional degree)

Graduate enrollment network of Peking University

The online application function for 2021 recommended test free postgraduates has been opened (as of 16:00 on September 16). Applicants can fill in volunteer information online through the "online registration" module. At the same time, the applicant must obtain the exemption qualification of the recommended school and be included in the list of exemption students reported by the recommended school to the exemption service system of the Ministry of education for filing; According to the requirements of the Ministry of education, the applicant must log in to the "national recommended excellent fresh graduates' examination free postgraduate information disclosure and management service system" of the Ministry of education , register and fill in the basic information in the system, and complete the links such as online registration, online payment, acceptance of re examination confirmation and pending admission confirmation.

2.1 Please fill in the material bag:

2.1.1 Name:

2.1.2 Applied major:

2.1.3 Special category: filled by Peking University Students (learning, engineering, supporting education, sports, art)

2.1.4 Original school and College:

2.1.5  Original major:

2.2 Material bagging sequence

2.2.1 Peking University will receive 1 application form (download) for recommended examination free postgraduate study in 2022; 

2.2.2 Peking University received 1 personal statement (download) of recommended examination free graduate students in 2022;

2.2.3 In 2022, Peking University received two letters of recommendation (download) from experts who recommended to study for graduate students without examination, that is, two experts related to the disciplines applying for degrees (with the title of associate professor or equivalent to associate professor or above) should recommend them respectively, seal them and sign at the seam of the seal;

2.2.4 One undergraduate transcript with the official seal of the Academic Affairs Office of the University;

2.2.5 1 set of copy of award certificate;

2.2.6 One copy of CET-4 and CET-6 scores or other certificates reflecting one's own English level;

In addition, the applicant may also submit representative academic papers, publications or original work achievements reflecting his own academic level. The applicant must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the application form and all other application materials submitted. If the applicant is found to have filled in false information, provided false application materials, cheated in the examination and other violations of examination discipline, our school will seriously deal with it in accordance with the measures for handling violations of national education examination issued by the Ministry of education, and cancel the qualification for admission.

2.3 Mailing address:

207, May 4th Sports Center, Peking University, No. 5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100871

Tel: 62760282

Receiver: Graduate Training Office of physical education teaching and Research Department

In order to ensure a smooth arrival, please send it by post office "EMS". Only online registration, those who do not send (send) or do not send (send) materials on time, or those who only send (send) materials without online registration, will not be accepted. All application materials will not be returned once received.

2.4 Deadline for receiving materials and online reports: September 16, 2021 (subject to the delivery time of materials, overdue is invalid).

3. Form of preliminary examination and retest

3.1 The physical education teaching and research department will produce a re examination list according to the difference proportion according to the preliminary examination results of the application materials. The applicant receiving the re examination notice shall timely feed back whether to participate in the re examination on time.

3.2 The re examination will be conducted by means of remote network interview, which will be notified later. The retest time shall not be less than 20 minutes for each person, with a full score of 100 and a pass score of 60. Those who are not qualified shall not be admitted.

3.3 The applicant who enters the re examination shall provide the application form and electronic version of personal statement in the application materials.


4. Other matters 

4.1 The project is a professional master, without academic scholarship and accommodation; 

4.2 If the superior department issues a new enrollment policy in the enrollment year of 2022, our department will make corresponding adjustments and make a timely announcement.


Department of physical education, Peking University


September 2021

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