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Notice on extracurricular exercise in the second semester of 2021-2022

一、Students participating in attendance: undergraduate students (including students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and medical department) who take physical education courses this semester. The following students are exempted from attendance:

(1) International students (excluding students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), exchange students, entrusted students, national defense students, graduates, health care students and other short-term learning students;

(2) For students who cannot participate in app extracurricular exercise for other reasons, please go to room 103 on the first floor of the second gymnasium for consultation and handling at the first time. It will not be handled after leaving class in the middle of the eighth week.

 二、 Extracurricular exercise requirements

Cumulative mileage: no less than 85 km (2 marathons, the same mileage for men and women)

The average pace of each exercise is 4-10 minutes / km (6-15 km / h)

Minimum running distance: 1km / time; Maximum running distance: 10km / time; Minimum effective runs: 10 (if you run multiple times in a day, only record the longest effective run)

students who fail to complete the specified mileage on time will fail in physical education this semester (0 point).

Cheating such as modern running and cycling will be dealt with seriously! 

三、Venue opening and time

Opening place: only in the May 4th stadium, excluding the running distance in other areas.

Attendance time: 6:00-23:00 from Monday to Sunday.

Starting date: from 06:00 on September 20 to 23:00 on December 12, 2021 (12 weeks in total).

四、Instructions for extracurricular exercise app

For the convenience of students, two kinds of running software are provided this semester: 1. PKU runner and 2. Music power.

Please choose your own software to try. Only one of the software can be used after formal attendance and cannot be changed halfway.

Formal attendance must use the login method in the attached instructions, and cannot be registered by yourself. See the appendix of the notice for the use of the software.


(1) Extracurricular exercise is mainly running. At the same time, it is encouraged to participate in various forms of campus sports activities and give mileage rewards.

Class A activities, gym and natatorium, 2km reward for one activity and 20km upper limit;

Class B activities, community activities, department activities, etc., with a reward of 2km and a maximum of 20km;

Class C activities, school level sports activities such as sports meet, welcome run, winter cross-country long-distance run, May 4th Youth run and fitness Festival, and campus sports volunteer service, with a reward of 5km at a time and a maximum of 20km;

For class D activities, before the deadline of reward application, I got the deep water Certificate in Qiu deba natatorium this semester, with a reward of 10km.

The cumulative upper limit of classA, B, C and D activities is 40km. All kinds of rewards only reward mileage, not times.

Others: students of the representative team of ordinary students need to meet the training and competition requirements, and can be exempted from all mileage after being recognized by the coach.

(2)Requirements for submitting reward application: gym and natatorium exercise, fill in the application form and print out the card swiping record (or screenshot of web page landing) containing personal information or relevant certificates of deepwater assessment. Certificates of other sports activities shall be submitted in written form and electronic form by sports associations, departments, Youth League committees or event organization departments. Please submit the written application materials to group 103 office on the first floor of the second gymnasium on November 22 and 23.

3If you complete extracurricular exercise on November 1 or complete a total mileage of 100 kilometers on December 5, you will receive additional sports related souvenirs from Peking University. The souvenirs will be collected at Er Ti 103 within one week of that date.

4Give some rewards for running from 6:00 to 8:00 every morning. The part within 2km is multiplied by 1.25, and the part above 2km is multiplied by 1.5. The upper limit of the result is 10km. App will automatically calculate and reward.


1. If you have any questions, please contact the software personnel directly. Pkurunner contact email: If you change your password after logging in, please bind your mobile phone number. For technical problems, you can contact customer service through app.

2. If you have any other questions, please go to the 103 Group Office of the second gymnasium for consultation, or send an email to

            Department of physical education, Peking University

 February 2022


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